• Adventure World Travel: Everest Addiction

    Norway is a big skiing nation. I discovered a story I never heard aboud lately, that you may also love. It’s the story of 2 best friends, who decided to ski the North face of Munt Everest, in 2006. Check out is the story of Tormod Granheim and Tomas Olsson who dedicate their life to adventure world travel, braving Mt Everest.


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    After a 15 days acclimation in basecamp, Tormod and Tomas went up till the “death zone”, on top of the 8 848 m summit of the North face. There, oxygen is missing. Once up, they took their skis and went down, mainly on black ice. They were the 1st to dare this adventure. Unfortunately, on the way down, and despite a carefull preparation, this adventure turned into a tragedy: Tomas Olsson fell and probably died instantly.


    In this documentary, Tormod shares the story of adventure world travel and passion and give a tribute to his friend.

    Fièvre de l'Everest1

    Fièvre de l'Everest2

    Fièvre de l'Everest4


    Fièvre de l'Everest6


    Fièvre de l'Everest8

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