• Also want to write and post on RootsTraveler?

    Initialy in 1995, we founded a company called Baladeo located in France but selling travel goods all around the world. Have a look at our website if you want to.

    We have decided to extend our reach by providing content to travelers and globetrotters through RootsTraveler.com

    We know what to put in backpack and now want to inspire and help people in making their best travel ever backpacking!

    The baseline and editorial guideline for RootsTraveler is: “With you, around the world and to the ends of the earth”

    Wich means that we want to inspire 2 kinds of people:

    • people wanting to do a 6 months+ travel around the world
    • people wanting to have a 2 weeks to 2 months awesome and rich (landscape, natural, human, inner, adventure,…) travel leading them to an end of the earth

    In both cases they are backpacking and independent travelers (In France and Europe we call them Globe Trotters!).

    We would be happy to enrich our blog with guest bloggers who want to share their experience and tips with the community.

    And we have selected this awesome “blogga” cooperative blogging template for this only reason. We want people like you and me sharing their experience to inspire each other! Watch the video below to see all the features we will give you as a guest blogger.

    If you’re interested, we only need to review and evaluate your writing style, content and experience.

    To join us, please submit your request using the contact form by writing at Luc Foin.