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    Extreme Adventure Travel: A dedicace To Thrill-Seekers

    “I demolish my bridges behind me – then there is no choice but forward.” said the Norwegian explorer Fridtjof Nansen. This  is truly what Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum did when they came up with this crazy idea of going North Of The Sun during 9 winter months above the Arctic Circle to go surfing!

    These guys went to an unidentified beach, in some lost island of the Arctic Norway, subsisting in a cabin they built of sea debris. Discover this amazing adventure, when your life depends only on neoprene and mindset…


    Inge and Jorn made a film from this adventure, “Nordfor sola” (“North Of The Sun”) or “The Coldest Wave”, which already won multiple awards. Check out this trailer:



    The film is already a cult classic among surfers, but North of the Sun’s appeal is much broader than that. Anyone with a passion for wild places and an interest in the impacts we have on the planet will love it. And anyone who wants a fresh take on what our lives can be will find it an inspiration.
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    Indeed, more than just an adventure travel, Wegge and Ranum also picked up trash that had floated in from thousands of miles away. Everyday the job was to be done again. At the end, they needed a helicopter to lift it out.

    “While we surfed and enjoyed ourselves, we cleared an entire beach clean of trash. The beach is about 700 meters and we collected three tons of garbage. Think how much crap there must be on the rest of the Norwegian coast,” say the two adventurers.

    “There are huge amounts of garbage. Between each sand layer, each a rock crevice, under every stone.”

    Unfortunately, each new storm brings in more trash, and the cleaning is a never-ending project.

    Full article here (www.blog.norway.com)


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