• 5 Best Safari Trips To Explore Lanzarote

    Dan Perdomo lives in the Canary Islands, Spain. He shares with us 5 types of safari backpackers should experience to explore Lanzarote natural landscape and make the most of this beautiful island.


    Lanzarote arguably has the best beaches in the whole of the Canary Islands. Many visitors to the island will happily spend their whole summer holidays on the soft sands of Playa Blanca and Papagayo for example. But if you can resist this temptation and tear yourself away from the fantastic beaches you’ll find a variety of fun packed activities; perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to spend their entire holiday working on their tan.

    Holidays to Lanzarote offers much more than just great beaches. The island boasts of stunning scenery and unrivalled nature which you can explore to your heart’s content. Lanzarote specialises in offering a range of safari tours which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty.

    Papagayo beach Lanzarote


    Diving Safari

    The Atlantic Ocean is home to many amazing creatures and species and there’s no better way to see this for yourself than to dive right in literally on a diving safari! Whether it’s your first or fifty dive, each time you go below the water’s surface you encounter something new. The Atlantic Ocean offers perfect diving conditions; the clean and clear water gives good visibility while temperatures remain pleasant all year round. You’ll explore caves and reefs created from underwater lava thousands of years ago. And of course you’ll come across a variety of sea creatures such as seahorses, octopus and rays to name a few. But the main attraction of diving in Lanzarote is the underwater wrecks at Harbour Wall. For an unforgettable experience, take a dive during the night time. Or if you don’t fancy getting wet, you can also explore the ocean’s depths in a submarine.



    Submarine Safari

    Another way to enjoy the ocean’s spectacular sea life but this time without getting wet is jumping onboard a submarine safari. The submarine is like something from a James Bond film and kids will love the experience of getting inside and going 30ft below the ocean’s surface. You’ll have your own seat and window to peer out of and see more species of fish than you can count! You’ll also have a TV showing you different angles so you don’t have to worry about missing a thing from your side of the submarine.

    Diving Lanzarote


    Dolphin Safari

    The vast ocean is also home to the seas most majestic creatures, dolphins. Dolphin safaris are a terrific day out for the whole family. There are over 30 species of dolphin which can be seen on any given day, but you’ll most likely encounter the bottlenose dolphin. The conditions mean dolphins can be seen for the majority of the year. Watch these intelligent mammals say hello as they dip in and out of the surface as if performing a dance or show.

    Dolphins Lanzarote


    Jeep Safari

    While you could get around Lanzarote’s rugged yet beautiful landscape by coach and be herded along like cattle with other tourists, it’s no match for driving around in a 4×4. Prefer Jeep safaris which make sightseeing special and offer a much more personal experience which puts you in control. Together with an experienced tour guide you’ll see parts of the island that demand you to stop to create a Kodak moment. Brace yourself for a bumpy ride as you travel off the beaten tracks and cruise around the island learning more about the island’s volcanic history. Prepare to be amazed by gorgeous views of the dazzling blue ocean as you discover many hidden gems driving down coastal paths.

    Explore Lanzarote


    Camel Safari - Timanfaya National Park 

    Lanzarote isn’t somewhere you’d associate camels with, but a camel safari around the island is arguably the most unique experience you’ll come across! Discover Lanzarote’s volcanic terrain in more detail as you trek through the impressive Timanfaya National Park and up the step volcano. Your short journey (usually less than 30 minutes) will be rewarded with fantastic panoramic views of the mountains. Anyone with fears needn’t fret; you’re in safe hands with a handler there to guide you and the well trained camels through the park. The ride is fairly comfortable too with a slight rocking motion not too dissimilar to a boat.

    Timanfaya National Park


    Does it sounds great to you to explore Lanzarote or other islands in the Canaries? Maybe you already experienced one of these attractions? Do you have more hiking advices? Please share your views in the comment box bellow!