• Is Paris On The Top Places To Travel In The World?

    I live in Paris. It’s my city. She knows me and I know her. As a lady, we have ups and downs. Sometimes she appears’s to be capricious, generous, romantic, annoying, but she always remains beautiful and unpredictable! Just love her. Each time I walk around and allow myself some time, I still look at her as the 1st time: She reveals to the ones who dedicate time to get to know her.


    I just wanted to introduce these Mayeul Akpovi beautiful videos. He really did a great job. Have a look and feel the atmosphere as you jump from monuments to monuments. Mayeul gave Paris a lot of his time to release this film, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of the top places to travel in the world:

    Filmed frame by frame with manual camera movements, composed of more than 30.000 photographs it allows you to visit some of the most beautiful monuments and human activities of the French capital in a few minutes

    Discover more about Mayeul Akpovi in his website (www.mayeul.com)


    Enjoy this movie!



    And the following…

    By the way, did you recognize the following monuments or places?

    - Les Invalides
    - Le pont des Invalides
    - Eglise Saint-Eustache
    - Place de la Bastille
    - Funiculaire de Montmartre
    - Basilique du Sacré-Cœur de Montmartre
    - Pont de Bir Hakeim
    - Trocadéro (Palais de Chaillot, Tour Eiffel)
    - La Défense (Esplanade de la Défense)
    - Le Louvre (Pyramide du musée du Louvre, L’Arc de Triomphe du Carousel)
    - Tour Montparnasse (Paris vu aérienne, Tour Eiffel, etc.)
    - Pont des Arts (Vue sur la Seine au couché du soleil)
    - Champs de Mars (Feux d’artifices de la Tour Eiffel)
    - Les champs Elysées
    - L’Arc de Triomphe (Place de l’Etoile)
    - Pont de Neuilly (La Défense, Grand Arche de la Défense)


    To conclude, I give you my #1 tip: In Paris (like in other any cities I guess) you definitely have to take your TIME. Walk, bike, take the metro, enjoy stopping in the countless cafes or a having a pic nique somewhere…Give yourself the chance to avoid any tiny scheduling and you’ll be amazed how the city will open up, generously, showing the best it can offer.


    What dou you think? Have you ever been to Paris or is it on your bucket list? Should it be on the top places to travel in the world?

    Please, share your ideas and don’t forget to vote on the top of this post! Keep traveling!


    [Photo Courtesy Mayeul Akpovi]