• Flashpacking or Backpacking?

    You’re traveling on a budget and with a backpack? You’re looking for authentic experiences and inspiring journeys? Before, everybody like you was called a backpacker. In today’s society, where we need to create communities and put people into boxes, a new trend appeared a few years ago: Flashpacking. So, are you a flashpacking or backpacking enthousiast?


    1- What is flashpacking?

    More Money – But same mentality

    I like this definition, from Travis Ball (www.flashpackerhq.com)

    Simply put, a Flashpacker is someone who travels like a backpacker but with a bigger budget.  That’s it.  We aren’t talking wall-street bonuses here, but flashpackers have enough to sleep well, eat out and spend some money on experiences backpackers skip.

    Flashpackers are usually in their 20s and 30s, seeking adventure and new experiences, and have a bigger travel budget, usually from an established career.  How they choose to spend their money varies slightly, but one thing is for certain – they maintain the backpacker’s travel mentality.

    More techy – gears

    ipadFlashpackers are a particular affinity with technology and nomad devices. Again, Travis Ball describe them as following:

    In addition to traditional backpacker gear, we’re also likely to be carrying a number of gadgets with us.  Laptops and digital cameras are high on the list, and you can also bet we might have an Ipod and cell-phone as well.

    Read travis full article here and enjoy his inspiring blog (www.flashpackerhq.com)


    2- How to “grow up” from backpacking to flashpacking without becoming a tourist?

    Some more money and devices…we’re not far from falling into tourist traveling! Vagabondish explains how to be a successful flashpacker:

    #1: Don’t Forget Your Roots

    [...]Don’t forget this carefree attitude to travel you have honed, and if things don’t go according to plan on your travels, just remember that it’s all about the journey, not the destination. Don’t find yourself complaining about a too-hard or too-soft pillow in your hotel – a decade ago you didn’t use a pillow at all.

    #2: Don’t Overplan Your Flashpacking Trip

    #3: Don’t Feel Guilty for Taking Shortcuts

    On your flashpacking trip, you’re bound to come across backpackers who are spending a year traveling across Europe and can’t believe you’re about to board a budget flight from Berlin to Barcelona when they’re going to do it overland. But you’ve done this before and don’t need to feel guilty that you’re taking a shortcut.

    #4: Don’t Be Ashamed to Splash Out

    Flashpackers typically have a much bigger budget than backpackers, usually because they’re older, in more stable jobs and have had a chance to save some money after those young years of penniless travels got them home broke. This usually means that while you don’t have so much time at your disposal, you do have more liquidity, and you deserve to enjoy this.

    #5: Don’t Forget the Technology (and the Chargers)

    #6: Don’t Forget to Give Something Back

    Read the full article here (source www.vagabondish.com)


    3- Verdict: backpacking or flashpacking in the world?

    You can do both! Depending on the destination. TNT magazine recently made a great article on it, giving smart advices and trip ideas for both.

    I recommend to read the full article, but here are roughly the idea (source www.tntmagazine.com)

    Bangkok, Thailand- Backpack. There’s plenty of budget fun on offer in Bangkok to keep your travel costs low and still have a blast.

    Siem Reap, Cambodia – Definitely backpack. You don’t need to spend a lot here to be very comfortable. And since Cambodia is an extremely poor country, if you’ve got extra cash to blow, why not donate it to a charity or NGO?

    Goa, India – Backpack all the way here – if beautiful beaches, swaying palms and amazing fish curries aren’t enough for you, then what is?

    Cancun, Mexico – It’s worth splashing out a little flashpacking here – as long as you’re spend on memorable experiences, rather than dropping a fortune in pricey bars.

    Rome, Italy – Definitely a place for flashpackers. You’ll spend big just seeing all the key sights. And budget a fair bit for food otherwise you’ll end up chowing down on pizza for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

     Barcelona, Spain – If you’ve decided to blow your budget on a night out, might as well be here. Flashpack it!


    What about you? do you prefer more flashpacking or backpacking? Do you make a difference according to your destination? What do you think? Share in the comments bellow!