• Backpacking Wilderness

    “To the lovers of wilderness, Alaska is one of the most wonderful countries in the world” ~ John Muir. This inspiring video is an ode to Nature and Wilderness.


    The “Edge of the Earth” is the story of Eric Dennis and his brother, Justin, backpacking and kayaking along the Alatna River, North Alaska, in the Arctic National Park. There is nothing but Nature. Backpacking wilderness makes us remember how small we are… Eric did an awesome job, truly capturing the immensity of the park. He also made some beautiful timelapse landscapes.


    “For the next two weeks you must survive using the knowledge, skills and gear you bring with you. You will walk or float through intact ecosystems where people have lived with the land for thousands of years. You will experience solitude, self reliance and nature on its own terms. Are you prepared?”












    The Edge of the Earth – DOCUMENTARY / From Eric Dennis – Camera 5D mark II


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