• Visit Turkey and Experience a mix of the Ancient and the Modern

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    I’m pleased to introduce Tiffany Brock, active women, traveler and writer. She loves Turkey and shares in this article some of her best places to visit. Melting pot of many cultures and religions Turkey is definitely a “must see” in Europe, for backpacking and hiking lovers. Note we’ll dedicate a full article to Istamboul, a magical destination, at the roots of Turkey.



    Turkey lies between Europe and Western Asia. Therefore, you would be forgiven for thinking that it is more Asian than European or that it is more European than Asian. You can think what you like, but the truth is that this country is great for anyone and you will find a little of something there. It has an amazing wealth of culture and great people. Did you know that it is also one of the topmost destinations for fashion and trade? It is a little wonder, considering that this country has featured historically as a center for trade and culture. Did you know that the name Christian was first given in Antioch, a region in Turkey to mean the followers of Christ?

    Alanya, Turkey


    For a very high number of people, their topmost destination for a holiday is Turkey. This country has a lot to offer in terms of culture, archeology and history, cuisine, fashion, natural and manmade sites and so many others. If you would love a good place where you can enjoy more value for your money, this is it for you. For one, we can tell you that what you see in the travel brochures is what you will get in Turkey. This is a great country by all measures.


    Forget travel advisories and visit Turkey

    Ok there may be travel advisories issued against Turkey in the last couple of months, but the tourism minister says that this country is safe to visit anytime. Now, he may not be telling the truth, but considering that the country receives more than 30 million tourists every year, there is no way that millions of people could be wrong, is there? The allure of the strong Ottoman Empire whose throne of power used to be in Turkey is still so great and irresistible for many people.


    Decide where you want to visit beforehand

    Turkey is a big country and you would do well to choose the places that you want to visit in advance. There are so many and you can find them overwhelming when you get there.


    For example, how would you like to see Goreme, a town that has literally been carved out of volcanic rock? Near Goreme, discover the amazing Cappadocia valleys, in the center of Turkey. They are, for sure, one of the best hikking place in the country, providing a unique experience in countless trails. Nowhere else you’ll find such stunning landscapes!

    Turkey Goreme


    What about a visit to see the turtle breeding, and the mud baths in Dalyan?

    Turkey Daylan

    Turkey MudBath


    You can even go to Ankara and marvel at the beauty of this city that is a mixture of the ancient and the modern, where you can still see the ruins of the Roman, Hittite and Ottoman Empires to name but just a few of them.


    Turkey Ankara


    You can also go to Marmaris in Turkey. This place looks as if it has been carved out of the fairytale story with a backdrop of the mountains in the far back. The weather is fabulous, the air unpolluted and the food always great. The castle of Suleyman is in this town too.


    Turkey marmaris


    business woman

    About the author: Tiffany Brock is an active business lady with more than 10 years in the sales and marketing fields. A mother of two, she is currently managing her own network of marketing agents. She is often dedicating her time to write for different websites and blogs about her work and hobbies. She speaks fluently 5 languages, so it’s no surprise that she writes even for a danish travel site such as Startour. She is very big fan of the slogan “Experience Turkey”, promoted by the turkish government.


    Have you ever been to Turkey? Where is, so far, your favorite area in this country? Please, share your tips and thoughts in the comments bellow. Thanks!