• Are You A Solo Backpacker?

    “When you become comfortable with uncertainty, infinite possibilities open up in your life” says Eckhardt Tolle in A New Earth. Solo backpacking is an experience to get off the routine and comfortable life. Thus, solo backpacking is more about learning than being. And one needs a little nudge and courage to make the step. Finally, solo backpackers tend to say the day they left was the best decision they ever took!

    Are you up to become a solo backpacker? What are a solo backpacker core qualities to achieve a positive and unforgettable journey?


    A solo backpacker learns to be open minded


    When you go backpacking with others, it’s a social event. You enjoy the scenery, feel good traveling and talking in a different setting than usual. Anyway, you are part of a group, relatively safe from the outside. But when traveling alone, it’s obvious the journey is entirely up to you. We are so used to live in routines – family, friends, coworkers, home, work, bars…, that we need to cope with brand new environments and step outside our comfort zone.

    Backpacking is so exciting because you go to new places, experience new things and learn new stuff. Everyday is a different experience and you’re constantly taking in new information. The only thing that isn’t new is YOU. Surprise, surprise, you’re still in the same body you’ve been in all your life. But the funny thing about traveling solo is that you may end up learning more about yourself than what you learn about the world.

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    A solo backpackers learns to be social

    Solo doesn’t mean lonely. The traveler usually goes spontaneously towards the natives. This is unlikely when traveling with friends as the group already provides a social life. Creating contact is usually as simple as saying “Hello”. I found a great article about Backpacking and social experience, that really boosts our social skills:

    You’ll meet a ton of people. You’ll meet the people you’re sharing a room with. You’ll meet them in your hostel’s TV room, pool, or kitchen. I’ll generalize and say that the people who go backpacking tend to be more fun, interesting, and outgoing than your average person… or maybe the circumstances just bring those traits out in everyone. You run into the odd bad apple, but mostly everyone you meet is pretty likable and worth knowing.

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    A solo backpacker learns to be positive

    SoloBackpacker5Become a “YES” person! “Yes” to experiences, “Yes” to people, “Yes” to new accommodation you’re unsure will be clean…Sometimes you can get into difficult situations. And it’s up tou you to change it into a positive experience…or a negative one! You missed the last bus? You can follow the trip hitchhiking and maybe meet your future best friend…

    Most importantly, you must be willing to sacrifice. Backpackers face hardship and challenges. They have to travel for long hours, endure bad weather, and cope with nasty local people with suspect intentions. This is not your honeymoon!!

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    Although solo backpacking might be hard sometimes, it’s up to you to plan the trip before living. This is part of certain skills a backpacker needs to develop.


    A solo backpacker learns some basic skills

    Being alone means you can’t rely on others for specific things. You need to accept to take some risks but also stay safe and take care of yourself. This means gathering useful informations about a particular destination, knowing how to read a map and use a compass, knowing to deal with foreign currencies, budget issues, forecasting the weather and so forth. Want to jump in that alpine lake? It’s your decision alone. It’s a unique experience. But we all know a solo backpacker also is vulnerable, almost in the wilderness. Twist an ankle, and there’s nobody there to help you out. A solo backpacker has to become more expert and organized to make his trip safe.

    This is by no means a comprehensive list of equipment and preparations to make for your solo backpacking adventure. In addition to an LED flashlight and folding knife or multi-tool, you’ll also want to bring along a first-aid kit, water purification tablets and other basic survival gear. While you can’t ensure a danger-free solo backpacking trip, you can make it much safer.

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    A solo backpacker learns freedom

    Being a solo backpacker means learning all these skills, being open minded, social, positive and organized while traveling. Jumping from our usual lives and routines to the unpredictable or uncertainity of a journey needs efforts and adjustments for every traveler, almost at the beginning. But after some weeks, the backpacker starts being comfortable and is up to fully enjoy the freedom of a trip.solobackpacker4

    But most of all traveling solo has taught me to overcome a lot of fears in life, metaphorically as well as practically. If you don’t know a direction in life, and you are one of em solo travelers you’ll always find your way… That’s my belief. Eventually enriching the way I live my life and of course grow as I broaden my horizon in life…

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    What about you? Have you ever be a solo backpacker? What did you learnt? If not, are you up to break the shell of your normal life? Please, share your views bellow and don’t forget to vote at the top of this post…