• 10 Roots Traveler Minded Bloggers Around The World


    “We travel, initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel, next to find ourselves.” says Pico Iyer. He adds: “A person susceptible to “wanderlust” is not so much addicted to movement as committed to transformation.” Traveling is about changing, emerging, finding who we are. We ‘are’ not roots traveler. We become it. I like to say “We Travel~We Learn~We Grow~We Are Roots Travelers”


    I was wondering for a while how I should introduce the Roots Traveler’s spirit definition. I named this blog and community for several reasons, I would like to share in this article. But more than words, I prefer to introduce bloggers I’ve “met” on the web, who are, from a certain point of view, fellow Roots Travelers.  Many blogs could fit this work, but I selected a few of them. These men and women, famous or not, are the perfect illustration for my hunt of the Roots Traveler definition.


    1- Roots Travelers have no other choice but leaving: NeverEndingFootsteps.com

    All travel bloggers stories start the same way: One day they took the decision of their life. As an evidence. Roots Travelers are deeply audacious, choosing their own way of living, jumping into adventure, with more or less anticipation. I love the way Lauren, from Never Ending Footsteps, express it :

    In 2006, I decided to make a change. I decided to create a life that I didn’t want to escape from — I decided to invest in my happiness. I knew I wanted to travel long-term, I just didn’t know how.

    Lauren came up with new competencies and really invested to create the conditions for traveling. Check out how and get some inspiration in her blog www.neverendingfootsteps.com



    2- Roots Travelers feed from the rich diversity of every country: Migrationology.com

    I really like Mark Wiens’s blog, who knows to appreciate differences that make him learn and grow in every destination. His chilhood has been decisive in his way of welcoming differences.

    Throughout my life, I have learned that different countries around the world present their own unique lessons and cultural learning opportunities, opportunities for growth as a traveler.

    These foundational cultural travel lessons that I learned while growing up in France, Congo, Kenya, and America, nurtured me to be more open minded, allowed me to gain a deeper tolerance and appreciation for difference, and taught me to be a better traveler.

    Get to know Mark and his engaging blog on www.migrationology.com



    3- Roots Travelers learn from the way they are traveling: The Art Of Backpacking

    Roots travelers are almost backpack lovers. More than a way of traveling, it’s a lifestyle of those who wonder more authenticity and simplicity. A backpack is small and going around the world with a 12kg bag, requires to let aside all the unnecessary. The blog of Michael Tieso, The Art Of Backpacking, dedicated to globetrotters, emphasizes this philosophy:

    Backpacking is about simplicity. It’s cutting the unnecessary and going for what really counts; experience and adventure. It’s not only a way to travel, it’s a lifestyle. Backpackers are adrenaline junkies always seeking adventure in every part of the world. For many backpackers, they’ve quit their daily routine at home and went to travel the world from months to years or more.

    Enjoy discovering many more ressources in www.artofbackpacking.com



    4- Roots Travelers ooze the outdoor : BestHike.com

    Walking and backpacking naturally leads to outdoor adventures. A Roots Traveler wants thrilling landscapes, exploring nature, clean the mind…Hikes of a lifetime. I love the way Rick McCharles is hiking the best trails on earth and shares it on his blog.

    Besthike.com is an index of the best hikes, treks and tramps in the world. Our mission is simply catalogue the best hikes. Walks that can change your life.

    Go and check his amazing hit list, plus enjoy awesome pics here www.besthike.com



    5- Roots Travelers can’t stop exploring the earth. Their desire to see the world is endless : Beersandbeans.com

    Backpacking + walking = SLOW motion!  You probably already know Beth and Randy, who quit their jobs and started traveling the world, seeking authentic experiences. I love their blog. They made an awesome job. Their lifetsyle is to go slowly but surely through their wanderlust.

    I have a problem.

    I have discovered I am a slow traveler but I am more than just slow. I am snail slow.

    The problem is I never get to travel as slow as I really want to. There is always something else to see, somewhere else to go, other mountains to climb and other sunlight to frolic in. I was thinking about some of our past travels and I realized that even though we had about 5 weeks in Italy alone it didn’t even come close to being enough time. I was trying to think of how long it would really take for me to get enough of it and I ended up with the idea that it would take me at least a year. That would give me enough time to see all the museums, eat all the food, meet all the people and take enough photos to make me feel that I had really seen Italy. I think.

    Go and check this terrific blog here www.beersandbeans.com



    6- Roots Travelers experience life changing journeys, no matter how long or short the travel is : Wild-about-travel.com

    A roots traveler is always looking for exotism, differences, adventures, Ends of the earth places…Going off tracks. He can be a seasoned or long term traveler. Simon from wild-about-travel.com is always looking for authenticity, outdoor experiences and getting to know other cultures (as food and wine!)

    I guess I’ve always been wild about travel and always wished I was a globetrotter. Instead, I worked for over 10 years in investment banking and then 8 years in a PR firm. But as soon as I could, I flew away to explore another little piece of our beautiful world.

    Go and have a look at the beautiful snapshots he makes along his journeys here www.wild-about-travel.com



    7- Roots Travelers are adventure addict, loving impromptu and to live outside their comfort zone : Etramping.com

    Roots Travelers feel ++ alive when traveling with no certainty. Agness and Cez, 2 friends from Poland, decided to travel on a budget (under 25$/day) so they deal with B plans along the way.

    We are talking here about travel full of twists and unknown ahead and all-inclusive holidays have nothing to do with this. Travelling with one-way ticket, backpack and hunger for real experiences, you may sometimes be seen as a tramp. Own up to this and be proud to be different and open. In return you get freedom to do exactly what you want to do.

    Follow the adventures of Etramping here www.etramping.com



    8- Roots Travelers are Citizens of the World, Free and Restless: 2backpackers.com

    A roots traveler, has roots… Indeed, as a traveler, he knows where he’s coming from, and who he’s not.  He has a home, a family, he left one day…for the seek of adventure and freedom. Jason and Aracely are know seasoned travelers and blogging since 2010. I found great blog posts, really inspiring, as ther simply share their personal story, sometimes dealing with choices all of us has to face one day.

    We look back now with no regrets.  I don’t see us buying a house anytime soon, it would hinder our traveling significantly and eliminate many freedoms we have today.

    Freedom is essential for travelers, they earn it as they go ahead on the road.

    Get to know Jason and Aracely if you don’t already, and follow them at 2backpackers.com



    9- Roots Travelers expose and find themselves through a Carnet de voyage: Vizeo.com

    Every Roots Traveler keeps tracks of his journey. He finds the meaning from the journey and not the destination, the travel diary is the tool to help him make his personal way. It can take several formats, a book, a blog or a vlog, as did Alexandre during his round trip last year. He came up with video travel diary which I highly recommend. I admit I love what this guy is doing! I know this is in French, but spirit of adventure and great sense of humour are contagious! Enjoy this video:

    Get more great videos on Vizeo here: www.vizeo.net

    10- Roots Travelers fear of going back home – and already plan their next trip: breakawaybackpacker.com

    Roots Travelers never stop exploring the world and not willing to go back home. As Jaime who traveled the world for 2 years, after a personal event who made him jumpstart a new life backpacking around the world.

    Lets go back to me not knowing what to say… so yeah I guess the reason I have nothing to say is because I am going home. HOME… what is home? I haven’t been there in 2 years well aside for the 3 weeks I was home for my best friends wedding (21 months ago). I don’t know how to explain how I am feeling. It’s a feeling of excitement and fear. The funny thing is I normally have these same feelings when I am at any airport heading off to a new destination, but that fear is because I don’t know what lies ahead and I am scared shitless of the unknown, but never let it stop me.

    Good luck Jaime, and keep in touch for your next trip! Read more about the story and travels of Jaime here breakawaybackpacker.com

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    What about you? Do you feel you’re a roots traveler for some aspects? What quality of a traveler would you add on this list? Please share with us and don’t forget, as usual, to vote on top of this post! Thanks for sharing.