• Would You Dare To Jumpstart A New Life Traveling Around The World ?


    Not long ago, I discovered a sympathic globetrotter and blogger. But digging a bit more, I found a big Internet professional and a man who dared to take “The” decision of his life to overpass depression and start traveling around the world. Let’s talk about Danny Dover decision to focus his life on his adventure bucket list.


    I just love this kind of persons who dare to switch life considering this will bring more hapiness and purpose in their life. Each of us have our personal story, but one day, a lot of us face the need / hope to fulfill something more. Let’s see how it happened for Danny Dover.


    Danny Dover game’s rules

    This guy set his own rules: He wrote down a 150+ “life list” and must achieve all of it before May 25th 2017. 5 more years to go!

    A life list is a list of goals you are fully committed to accomplishing before a specific date while you are living. This is different from a bucket list which is a list of things you would like to do before dying. Who wants to wait until they are dying to start living? Not me!

    For my list, I have two rules:

    1. The entire list must be completed by May 25th, 2017
    2. I can not add or remove any item from the list

    It is as simple as that!

    This can sound simple, but this guy set up high expectations on his list and succeeded in getting momentum around it!  Read more about his life list goals here (source http://www.lifelisted.com). You will see how he moved to Spain, ran a marathon, started a company (www.makingitclick.com), climed Mt Rainier, learnt to fly a plane, visited easter Island, the Giza pyramids and much more…

    The Question Is…

    Danny Dover gave a lecture on a  TedEx show on december 2012. He came to spread the message that waiting until the end of your life to start your bucket list is waiting too long.

    To know what The “question” is and take action, watch this 6 min video:


    Join the adventure!

    As this guy is full of different skills (Internet marketing was his 1st job, he also is a writter), he’s doing a really great job with his blog, which makes fun, pleasant and interesting to follow his adventures. Lately he started to post on video format, this guy is really cool…Just go and check it out!

    One of my favorite post is called “Dear Unhappy Former Self”, a letter to his former mind:

    You wake up every morning with a smile and optimism for tomorrow. I wake up every morning with a smile and optimism for today.

    I make change happen now.

    Enjoy the full article here (source http://www.lifelisted.com)

    He achieved 80% of his list at the end of December 2012 which let us think he’s going to make it…but you’ll know it following his Facebook page.


    What about you: Danny Dover’s advices


    If you’re inspired by seeking new horizons, traveling around the world, create your Life list or become a globetrotter, start reading more advices from Danny Dover:

    Here are Danny’s ideas to inspire you into action if you want to follow his lead and some ideas on what you may encounter if you decide to do something similar.

    3 Things to get your started

    3 Step Process

    3 things you may encounter

    Check out the full article here (www.fireitupwithcj.com)


    Did you ever took a big decision that changed your life? Do you have a bucket list you would like to turn into “life list”? How much would you dare to decide to leave for more traveling around the world? Share your thoughts and feel free to leave a comment bellow !