• 5 Great Reasons To Go Backpacking Sicily


    Need to escape for a while? Time to explore outdoors now? Spring is the perfect time for getting back on the road and backpacking – Sicily just offers one of the best playground for hiking lovers and “ends of the earth” seekers: This italian island is a special destination where you have a real sense of getting away from it all!

    Discover breath-taking landscapes, turquoise sea, tiny villages, antique temples…From mountains to coastline, through vineyards or volcanos, Sicily is a destination that must definitely fit in your bucket list. And here are 5 reasons I love it!


    1- Climb the summit of a volcano and look inside smoking craters













    Mt Etna, Stromboli, Vulcano…Don’t miss this backpacking adventure. You can find various trails and level difficulties. If you already climbed a volcano, you know how magic this is. These are unique experiences  and unforgettable moments!

    Departure is best around 17h to reach the summit [Stromboli] at sunset and see the spectacle of the volcano at night. The climb is steep but the guide sets the pace and goes up slowly, while making small stops and giving explanations about flora

    More on hiking the Stromboli here (from www.unspecial.org)

    Mount Etna on Sicily’s east coast rises gracefully from a sapphire sea. The peaceful scene contradicts the power of the most active volcano in Europe. [...] We are drawn to climb the mount because it’s there, because the lunar landscape is so foreign to our every day lives, and because it humbles us in our every day existence.

    More on hiking Mt Etna here (from www.eviactive.com)

    For walking both Etna and Stromboli + visit the aeolian Island, check out macsadventure tour guide.


    2- Walk through Sicilian ancestral cultural heritage

     Sicily’s list of invaders features all the usual suspects: Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Byzantines, Spaniards and, more surprisingly, the Normans with their delightful Monty Python–style names (King Roger, William the Bad, Walter the Archbishop…).

    Read Sicily history with the Lonely Planet here

    SicilyValledeiTempliMany archeoligal sites, medieval towns, modern cities are to be visited. And sometimes even simple ruins will create stunning views with sunlights. Check out this top 12 list of the main places that you shouldn’t miss (from www.bestofsicily.com)


    3- Walk the magnificent natural heritage of Sicily

    9 nature reserves protect wildlife and offer wonderful landscapes – both historical and natural.

    • Alcantara – The Park of the Alcantara River
    • Cavagrande – Sicily’s Canyons
    • Pantalica – The “holes” of the Hyblaean Mountains
    • The Nebrodi Mountains – The Dolomites of the South
    • The Madonie Mountains – A park that is relatively unknown but full of treasures
    • Mount Etna – The tallest active volcano in Europe
    • The Salt Pans – Sicily’s ancient salt reserves
    • Vendicari – Sea, beaches, archeology and nature
    • Lo Zingaro – The most fascinating nature reserve in north-east Sicily

    Lo Zingaro was the 1st protected area and is know as the most stunning reserve with 10 km of coastline trails, turquoise sea and beautiful creeks.

    The Zingaro terrestrial reserve is yet tightly linked to the sea which is not only the geographic limit but also the constant setting of the landscape and the necessary complement of the naturalistic aspects. [...] The itineraries suggested are vary and many. Following the system of signs and being careful in reading the map, everyone can choose the most suitable itinerary.

    Read more here on the official Zingaro Reserve website (www.riservazingaro.it)


    4- Enjoy the mediterranean food voyage and wine heritage of Sicily

    Marzipan, wilde asparagus, salami, gelatina, skordalia, … Slow food, local production are big deals and many recipies are a result of a mix between historical cultures. Food is part of the journey!

    Check out this great blog (you’ll also find some great recipies):

    The food that I’ll be talking about and cooking for the class reflects the ways Sicilian cuisine has been influenced by the dominant cultures of the Mediterranean from ancient times to the modern day, which includes Greek, Roman, Arabic, French and Spanish cultures.

    Read more about it here – (www.allthingssicilianandmore.blogspot.fr)

    SicilyMarsalaWith more vineyards than any of the other Italian regions, Sicily is a wine country by itself. The most famous is the Marsala, but many others are great to taste…

    One of Europe’s oldest viticultural regions still offers some pleasant surprises. Sicily’s oenological history is an ancient one, dating from the time when the island was part of Magna Graecia. One usually associates fine wines with western Sicily or the areas near Mount Etna, but many new wineries have sprung up across the island.


    Read full article here (from www.bestofsicily.com)


    5- Appreciate this easygoing destination all year long

    Nice people: We might say Sicilians have a strong local culture, but they still remain italians. Great people, nice language, even with a dynamic tourist activity, they still welcome foreigners and keep authentic.

    Cool climate: Hot summer, mild winter, Sicily is ideal to hike from April to november. Summer can be very hot (34-38°C). Only the Sirocco, this African wind affects the weather and brings fresh air or precipitation mainly during spring and fall. Anyway, spring sounds to be the best season to enjoy a great hiking trip.

    Easy access: Flights, accommodations, currency (euro), banks, local transportation…Sicily is part of Europe and offers all you need.


    Have you ever been to Sicily? Where and how was your trip? If not, do you plan to get there? Please, share your thoughts in the comments bellow and don’t forget to vote on top of this post.