• He Also Did It! 5 Years World Tour By Hitchhiking


    From 2007 till March 12 of 2013, Jeremy Marie, a young Frenchy, made a “free” world tour hitchhiking. He was 25 years old when he left friends and family to see the world!


    Jeremy came back in Caen, his native city mid March of 2013 and since, keep sharing its experience and feelings about globetrotting using this uncommon way: hitchhiking.

    At a glance:

    In all of the 1,752 vehicles that gave him rides, he never once paid a single cent. Jeremy traveled 180,700 kilometers (112,282 miles) in over 100 countries and used many forms of transportation including boats, tractors, historic cars and camels.

    He has completed an amazing adventure, in which he spoke to tens of thousands of students and millions through his media interviews. His mission was to promote global understanding and let the world know of the trust that exists between humans.

    Read the full interview here (source: www.visualnews.com)

    or learn more with this CTV Montreal interview he had when going through Canada after 2 years of traveling.


    Enjoy some thrilling moments of Jeremy in this video:


    For more information on his world tour, you can see his website here or follow the latest news in his Facebook page.


     What about you? Have you already traveled hitchhiking? Would you dare to do so? Did you experienced any unusual ways of traveling?

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