• What If John Muir Had a Go Pro? – Get Inspiration Hiking Wild Earth


    Reaching end of the earth places, hiking wilde earth has always inspired people: Many artists were and are still looking for this Vertigo. John Muir was one of them. If he was still alive, I wonder how the “Father of the National Parks” would have used video for serving his cause?


    Maybe the Muir Project was 1st created with the ambition to answer this question? A collective of artists, music composers, photographers, writers, producers…all adventure seekers completed the John Muir Trail in 2011.

    At a glance

    What began as an adventure to see – let’s be honest – if we could complete and capture the trail, has become so much more. With the help of our old and new friends, we hope to motivate others to make that big leap, or small step, and go after their dreams.

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    They made beautiful hiking films that I really wanted to share with you in case you don’t already know them.


    Also enjoy these beautiful landscapes and music. Inspiring!


    All these exciting movies had an amazing success and inspired other artists who went hiking Yosemite.

    You may be one of the millions of people who viewed the beautiful Yosemite HD timelapse filmed by the Project Yosemite, another group of artists.


    This year, The Muir Project and Project Yosemite collaborate on a new thrilling movie. They just released the trailer.

    I bet this movie is gonna be Hudge ! Just watch the trailer they released in March:


    Yosemite HD II Teaser from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.


    I would have loved to see how a big man like Muir would have communicated with videos and how he would have captured the way he was looking at Nature. But I admit I feel great emotions with these movies, thus these guys are giving me part of the answer…

    What about you? Are these videos creating emotions you feel when hiking or exploring wilde earth?

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