• England South West Coast Path: Awesome Hiking Route When Traveling Around The World


    For those traveling around the world, who wish to hike in England, the South West Coast Path is one of the most stunning walking holidays in this country. Covering over 600 miles it can be split into several beautiful sections.

    Cornwall has always been a favourite holiday destination and its dramatic coastline, picturesque villages, vibrant culture and sumptuous cuisine. For those visitors who have travelled to the region, the benefits of a Cornish holiday need no explaining, but for international travelers, who have yet to explore outside of London, a visit to Cornwall will give you a very different taste of English life.

    Enjoy this great video to have a taste of it:

    I have walked frequently on the paths between St Agnes and the JerichoValley and my boots also practically know each and every curve and turns of the foot-path. This is one of my hot favorite walking destinations and the must-picks of vacationers who want to travel around the world with kids for various reasons.

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    The long stretches of never ending coastal line are feast for the eyes. The gorgeous beach at Penhale with its turquoise blue water with traces of salt sprinkled in the air. The awesome cliffs bordered by golden-yellow colored gorse, heather, pinkish-white colored thrifts. The easy accessibility and convenient links to all near by pubs and restaurants.

    Formerly, St. Agnes was a hub for miners and the ruins of its ancient past can still be seen all along the trails. As per today, this little village is still un spoilt by modern humdrum and is still the hot and loved destination as a family trip or for student travel. The warm villagers, fascinating coastline and golden beaches are always attracting people who want to travel around the world in budget. The village is the right place for walkers as it has all the amenities like furnished cottages, best accommodations, superb cuisine where you can relish on mouth-watering dishes.

    As you walk on this path towards South, you will come across a steep climb which is just away from the beautiful Trevaunance Cove. If the tide is low, you can see from above the remnants of former harbor walls, which were washed away by storms in 1915-1916. You may get a chance to see one or two seals which may appear during high tide.

    St Agnes

    As you walk along the coastal path, you can view some stunning sceneries, but do be careful as part of the pathways are just worn out by time and tide. Just sit and relax on the benches on your path and savor the beauty of Bawden Rocks also called Man and His Man.

    As you continue walking towards the inland you will come across:
    Beacon which 192-metre high-hill.
    Can Brea which is six-miles away.
    Padstow – where you can trek and see the surpassing natural beauty.

    The Beacon is famous for its amazing legend of a giant named Bolster. The legend goes that Bolster could stand with one foot on Beacon and the other on Can Brea. Stroll along the paths of St. Agnes village which is bustling with locals doing business with people traveling around the world. Stop her and visit some amazing craft shops and art galleries or sip a cup of coffee. If this place has mesmerized you, stay overnight at some good Hotel which provides the best accommodation and services.

    Walk ahead and you will see:
    Stippy-Stappy – Rows of cottages of sea captains
    Trevellas Combe
    Jericho Cottage – As the history goes this was once upon a time owned by a well-known Cornish artist John Opie.
    Blue Hills Tin Streams – Here you can actually see the traditional way of tin melting.
    Trevellas beach – Stop and enjoy paddling on the waters.

    From Trevellas beach you walk up hill where the ride is tough steeply ride, but do not worry there are benches for visitors who travel around the world with family. Otherwise peaceful, this area comes to life at Easter where all kinds of cars race on this track.

    You can complete your walk in two and half hours, but if you really want to enjoy the century old mystifying beauty of Cornwall, you should tread slowly and complete in four hours. Having done this you can at last behold memories of one of your life’s best holidays traveling around the world.


    Have you ever hiked South West England? Where was it? Would you recommend it?

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