• Why End Of The Earth Could Be In Slovenia – Worth Hiking There!


    Although Slovenia is part of Europe, it’s still an “off tracks” destination, even for Europeans people. I admit, I didn’t really have a clue about what I was going to explore before I discovered this country.

    There are many reasons why I enjoyed it and why you should consider Solvenia as a great destination. But first of all, let’s give a step inside to get to know more about this really small (half the size of Switzerland!) and historical country.

    I FEEL sLOVEnia

    At a glance:

    “I am sorry, where exactly is Slovenia?”

    Slovenia is a small place—the population is just slightly more than 2 million—but it is an amazing and highly diverse one. Distances are small, thus traveling is easy. Daily flights from major European cities land at Ljubljana airport, only 20 minutes by car from Ljubljana, the capital city. And Slovenia’s location in the crux between Austria, Croatia, and Italy means that you can easily combine your Slovenian Alps hike with a romantic trip to Italy’s Venice or Trieste, Vienna, Austria, or Croatia’s capital, Zagreb.

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    Looking For End Of The Earth Places?

    Slovenia does really great with 7000km of marked hiking trails through hills and mountains. Slovenian people are just crazy about sports and outdoors activities, and a lot of families even hike wih toddlers after working hours.  The country has a rich culture and a great variety of senic landscapes – Mountains (Alps), coast, uplands, lowlands. Morevover, the country (apart the Alpin area) is influenced by mediterranean climate which makes it very pleasant for walkers and backpackers. During winter Slovenia become a great place to ski on a budget.


    A Day Trip to Bled, Slovenia

    At a glance:

    Not only is Slovenia amazing, Bled is the jewel in its crown. A picture-perfect, azure blue lake surrounded with lush mountains and just an hour or so from its capital. And just in case it wasn’t quite lovely enough, they plop a picturesque church in the middle of the lake, only accessible by rowboat.

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    Ascend Mt Triglav in the Julian Alps


    Are you a real male?

    Do you know every Slovenian who pretends to be a Man has to climb Mt Triglav as a proof? This 2864m summit makes it the highest available in the country. You can enjoy senic views and wild areas with this 14 hours ascension, with not technical skills required. Watch out, it still remains a great challenge…



    Here is a 7 days expedition to explore Slovenian natural beauty:

    At a glance:

    In the north western corner of Slovenia, close to Austria and Italy, are the limestone mountains known as the Julian Alps. The range was the stage of bitter fighting during WWI (with relics on the trails to prove it) and Hemmingway wrote his book, ‘Farewell to Arms’, while based in these mountains. More recently they have become famous for the exciting trekking and climbing opportunities in what is some of the finest mountain scenery in Europe. Characterised by high mountain lakes, peaceful alpine valleys and rugged limestone peaks, the Julian Alps retain their distinctive identity and originality.

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    A Great Country For A Trip On A Budget

    At a glance:

    If you consider alternative locations and travel options you may find you can do a budget ski holiday on a backpacker’s budget.
    I just realized Slovenia offers great deals for people travelling on a budget. It’s a small country so you will not spent hours and $$ on transportation if you like to visit around. I’ve found it’s a good destination for skiing at lower prices.

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