• In Case You Consider Mountain Climbing Soon…Consider Kilimanjaro!


    Last week, I met a guy, Alex, at a dinner. I spent a great moment listening to it’s story of last hiking summer trip to the Kilimanjaro. Just sounds so great… So I started gathering some more info and realized this could interest other Roots Travelers… The mount Kilimanjaro is one of the 7 summits – highest peaks of the 7 continents. The great thing is Kilimanjaro is a non technical mountain that can be climbed by anyone although it remains a challenge.


    See “Kilimanjaro: All You Need To Know” [infographics] below…

    (source: www.mahlatini.com)

    Mount Kilimanjaro Infographic

    I love this infographic…Anyway, I just wondered why so many people – 40 000/year – attempt to climb this mountain.

    So I investigated and found these other great resources:


    10 Reasons To Climb Kilimanjaro

    At a glance:

    1. Kilimanjaro is technically the easiest to climb of the Seven Summits . You don’t need ropes or special mountaineering gear, or even any previous mountain climbing experience. The youngest person to reach the summit was six years old, and the eldest (as of 2011), was 83. That does not mean Kilimanjaro is risks-free. Rockslides and acute altitude sickness kill ten climbers on average each year (the subject of a forthcoming post).

    Read the full article by clicking here (source: www.adventureblog.nationalgeographic.com).


    General Tips To Prepare Your Trip Yourself

    At a glance:

    Time to climb and seasons: It is possible all year long although most avoid the rainy season: The long rainy season is from April to May, the short rainy season is mostly in November/beginning of December. Always be prepared for wet days and cold nights on the mountain any time of year!

    Read the full article by clicking here (source: www.adventureblog.nationalgeographic.com).


    Want To See How People Feel On Of Top Of Africa?

    Have a look at this video, 7th day of hiking this African giant!


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