• Unique Landscapes Viewpoint? Explore The Sky!!!


    As backpackers and globetrotters we like to explore earth and have unique landscapes viewpoints. But sometimes, the sky also deserves a bit of exploration. Don’t you think so?

    Have you ever experienced skydiving? Those who made it simply think it’s a great way to discover an area from above, live a strong, powerful, memorable… moment in our life.

    But no need to be crazy to jump. Find a serious school that offers tandem jumps…and enjoy the ride!

    These are some places and resource I keep looking around…

    The 7 Best Places to Skydive Around the World

    At a glance:

    With so many jump zones from continent to continent, you really have your pick of the litter when it comes to making a first tandem jump. So where are some of the more interesting places around the world to skydive?

    Read the full article by clicking here (source: www.vagabondish.com).


    Need to feel a taste of it before jumping yourself? Check out this video to get the mind…

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