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    • Charlotte Courdesses

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    • July 19, 2013 in Around The Earth

    Gus Petro Travel Illusion

    Today I wanted to draw attention on Gus Petro, artist photographer from Switzerland.

    Gus Petro traveled in the US last year and experienced one of the multiple contrasts of this country we all face as European people: Size and Density. He came back with a vision – dream or nightmare – from this journey, fixing, I guess, his feelings. Discover this mirage, when the biggest city meets great outdoors…


    Go and check more Gus Petro pictures and work on his website here.





    What do you think – or feel? Like it? Hate the idea?…Have you ever experienced this contrast Empty/Dense somewhere in the world? Please, share in the comments below!

    More pictures here www.guspetro.com/