• 7 Tips To Choose Your Next Memorable Hiking Holidays


    As I decided to go on hiking holidays this summer. I came up with many questions, the first one being: where? Although you can choose to go on any route that you want, I recommend to take the time to find, choose and set up the “best one”.


    People say those who take the time to examine a number of different hiking trials and handpick their favorite ones are more likely to have an enjoyable time. Although it is nice to hear that you should take the time to find the perfect hiking holidays trail, I’m always wondering exactly how to do so… There are so unlimited number of different trails that I wonder how one can go about finding the “perfect” one! Here are some factors I take into consideration for my hiking holidays.


    Time, Season, Destination


    My next hiking trip in Andorra – Pyrenees mountains 

    I choose my routes according to the time I have. A day, a week-end, a week or more…will make me decide whether I’m going faraway or stay close by. I prefer to hike locally for a few days and set up great hiking holidays once a year. I’m careful to choose the best season (usually mentioned when looking for a route), so I can get the best of the path. In Southern Europe, many trails are beautiful during spring or beginning of summer as the nature is wonderful, are peaceful (few hikers) and the weather pleasant.

    My Bucket List…

    I have my wanderlust, my top destinations I want to go on hiking holidays: South Africa, Europe, Java, Chile, New-Zealand…WBucketListhen meeting hikers or travelers I’m always keeping info about great destinations…I admit I love to choose my hiking holidays checking the UNESCO World Heritage list around the world. 962 properties in 157 states are just waiting for us! Check out these stunning destinations on map here (downloadable in excel version). On top of that, they display maps, documents, descriptions and videos…awesome ressource :) !

    Also, check out the 10 hiking trails to walk in a lifetime – a great selection I made a few weeks ago


    Just Ask People

    After this 1st step, I come up with a list of 3 to 5 hiking holidays suggestions. Then, I simply talk to people. Asking for recommendations is the easiest way to find a great hiking trail. I really appreciate hiking forums, as people share there own experience and the Do’s and Don’t. I also use websites and contact  local hiking trails or hiking parks…Join Facebook groups to access many people and find eventually a guide or great tips.


    Difficulty, Length and physical fitness shape

    Hiking trails come in a number of different formats, particularly with difficulty levels. Even parks have numerous hiking trails to choose from. I choose a hiking trail based on the beauty of the surroundings, but then I first examine it’s difficulty. How long do I have to walk each day to get to a safe camp? Am I in good shape to hike it safely? What furniture is recommended (Is there snow, ice, is it often raining?…) What are the people saying about it? If I’m hiking with beginners or people not familiar with hiking holiday, I prefer to choose a trail that is designed for beginners or at least those at an intermediate level.


    Safety Issues !

    If I’m walking by my own with no guide, I try to make sure that the hiking trial that is well maintained and well cared for. While it can be difficult to assess a hiking trail without visiting it, it is possible to do. If I know of anyone who has been hiking recently, I ask them which hiking trail they took and their views on their experience, namely the condition of the hiking trail in question. Again, I also use a standard internet search, to find popular hiking trails being discussed online.



    Budget is another factor that I take into consideration, when choosing my hiking holidays. I love to hike independently, but if I have to, I hike with local tours, often cheaper and more authentic. I use Facebook to get to know different hiking companies and what people say about them. I’m also confident in some big companies like REI adventures who hire local guides. Hiking in parks ($$ in the US) and spending nights into refuges/accommodations is usually affordable but can vary a lot. Check it out!



    When I camp overnight on a hiking travel, I check if I can make reservations in advance. This way I don’t have to carry the full tent package…During the summer months, camping and hiking are popular activities; therefore, many hiking Refuge de Plaisance 2170mparks quickly fill up with camping or refuge reservations.   I enjoy taking the time to familiarize myself with the destination or trail in question.  This is nice because I learn more about the history and the territory that I’ll be hiking. In addition to examining the difficulty level or estimating the amount of time that I would spend hiking, I also familiarize with the security of the trial in question. This information is always important to know, especially in the event of an emergency.



    What about you? How do you choose your hiking holidays? What would be your best advice? Please, share your views in the comment box and don’t forget to rate this post on the top of this page.

    Thanks for reading!